To our Tower Hill Church friends and family,

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two weeks since my last letter to you. The world has changed so rapidly since then, that it’s a bit disorienting. By now, we’ve adjusted to this new socially-distanced rhythm of life (e.g. homeschooling, wiping groceries with Lysol wipes, and engaging in online church).  And, for the most part, we all seem to be working hard to maintain a positive attitude despite the onslaught of the COVID-19 news cycle.

The truth is, that even in the middle of the suffering, there have been signs of hope.  Quarantined city residents cheering with thunderous applause for healthcare workers.  Stories of 95-year-olds recovering from the virus. Stories that remind us to count our blessings and remember what matters most. The whole crisis has been a powerful reminder about what it means to live with a spirit of  faith and not  fear.

I’ve definitely been encouraged by our church staff and their tireless efforts to help us stay engaged with God and with one another during this time (and I’m so appreciative of their hard work).  We’ve been able to move many of our existing ministries online: worship, Sunday school and NextGen fellowship groups, small groups, ministry teams, and even Pastor Theresa’s Wednesday Bible study.  Also, my daily 10:10 devotional (which has been a great way to stay connected).

Perhaps another silver lining to this crisis is that because we were forced to move our ministries online, it has dramatically increased our reach.  This last week alone we had 5,900 engagements on Facebook. That means, that nearly 6,000 times in one-week, people were watching, liking, chatting, and sharing our video content.  That’s pretty amazing. (And remember, all of these are available on demand from our website: after they first air live).

It’s been so great to hear stories from you about your friends (near and far) that are joining-in and watching our online services (many of whom have never been to Tower Hill before).  It’s amazing to see how God is using this time to reach more and more people. Just another reminder (in case you needed more) that no matter how bad things look, God is  stillin control.

And now, we’re about to enter Holy Week – our annual reminder that God has  always been in control, even when it didn’t look like it.  It’s our annual reminder that Jesus can identify with human suffering (maybe even more than we realize). The thought occurred to me that when Jesus died, it wasn’t from the wounds in his hands and feet.  Rather, it was suffocation.  In the middle of this respiratory disease, we can know this: He knows our pain deeply and intimately.

But, more than that. He conquered it. He overcame it. He defeated death itself.  And now, there is no disease, no power that can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ.  We have life.  And we  always will because of the Easter hope that fills our hearts.

So, as we turn to Holy Week, let us keep our hopes high and our hearts open.  Of course, when this all started, we knew it was possible that it could force a change in our usual plans.  But that won’t stop us from worshiping Him fully during this crucial season.

Here is our plan:

Tower Hill Virtual Holy Week

April 5 – Palm Sunday

We will host traditional music (with Fiona and a small ensemble) that will begin at 9:30am on our Facebook page prior to the Palm Sunday service.  Live contemporary service will begin at 10:30am on Facebook ( Both videos will be available on demand after services on our website:

April 6-10 – Holy Week 10:10 Devotionals

We will continue our morning devotionals at 10:10 am live on Facebook and on demand at after.

April 9 – Maundy Thursday

Our traditional (organ/ensemble) Maundy Thursday Service will air at 7:30 pm both on Facebook and our website.

April 12 – Easter Sunday

For Easter Sunday, we will host a live BLENDED service on Facebook at 10:30am. The service will begin with traditional music, followed by a live message, and end with live contemporary music. And again, the service will be available on demand on our website Sunday afternoon.

We will continue to keep our Tower Hill Community together during this time. We will continue to be your community and your church, even from your living room sofa. (Just don’t enjoy that too much). For all the ways to connect with us during this time, and for the most up to date information, visit

Until we can see each other in person again, I look forward to seeing you online. And remember, no matter how bad it looks, God is  still in control.


Pastor Jason

Find more details and Coronavirus updates HERE.

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The April Young at Heart Luncheon is CANCELLED.

Our Young at Heart luncheons are for Seniors and held 6 times a year in Webster Hall. Each begins with some commentary, followed by a delicious lunch ($5) served at your table by a team of volunteers, and ends with an informative and entertaining presentation. They are open to any Senior in the community, whether you are a member of the church or not. If you have children or friends who are interested in a particular program they are welcome to attend.

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