It was March 15, 2020.
Tower Hill made the decision (just prior to the weekend) to move their
worship services online. Then, a couple of days later, the entire state was placed on a mandatory lockdown.
It was October 25, 2020.
7 months later, Tower Hill brought worship services back inside.
But, as you know, the real story is in the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of
decisions, adjustments, and pivots in between.
Many have been asking about what the church has done (and how we’re doing financially) in the midst of the pandemic. Here are some details:

What has Tower Hill Done Since the Pandemic Began?

We Stayed Open.


Sunday Services Never Stopped
(Online, then outside, now inside and still online AND outside)

NextGen Never Stopped
(Online Sunday school & youth groups, now in person)

Small Groups Never Stopped
(Online, now in person AND online)

Choir Never Stopped
(Online, limited in person)

Praise Band Never Stopped
(Limited in person)

Bells Never Stopped
(Online, now in person)

Not One Sunday Off.

Tower Hill Expenses Due to Covid

Giving Is Behind Where It Needs To Be

Since July 1 2020

$327,786 received   /  $386,900 budgeted

*Reduced expense budget, knowing covid would affect giving*

$59,114 behind year to date

Thus Far

$3,284 behind a week 

Our average down each week since 7/1/2020. 

You Can Help Right Now

Give once. Or give weekly or monthly.

During covid, we almost DOUBLED our e-givers.

Which is AWESOME.  But we still don’t have enough.

When you sign up to e-give weekly or monthly, we know what we can depend on. We can budget around it.  And you don’t have to worry about missing a Sunday. Figure out what you want to give each year, or how much you CAN give each week or month.  Plan it, sign up. You can cancel at any time.

It’s that simple.

We give because HE gave to us.

Thank You for your support.