Serve the world.

You don’t have to go to seminary to be a minister. Every member is a minister. Our folks support what’s happening around the world. Find a program that fits your schedule, and commit to Christ’s work.

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Eva M. Russell School and Casa Monte Plata Orphanage

Since 1995, Tower Hill Church has had a relationship with the Eva M. Russell School in Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. This Christian school provides biblical and secular education, meals, and health care for at-risk children.  Tower Hill Church pays for the salaries of the school psychologist and social worker there.  The Casa Monte Plata orphanage houses up to 40 children in homelike settings.  Many members of Tower Hill sponsor individual children through Kids Alive International – a Christian organization whose mission is to rescue and redeem orphans and at-risk children.  Sponsorships provide for children to attend school and/or live in the orphanage.  Every fall, Tower Hill runs the Dominican Republic Christmas Child – DRCC project.  We ship barrels of Christmas gifts purchased by Tower Hill members for each individual child in the school and orphanage.

Our annual adult mission trip each February focuses on holding a book fair, spending time with the children, taking the 8th graders on a field trip, and supporting the teachers.   For the book fair, Tower Hill members contribute to the purchase of appropriate Spanish language books for each child and staff member, and for the school library.

Individuals who go on the mission trip pay for their own airfare and a portion of the meals, lodging, and local transportation.  Since 2018 the adult team has operated as a Service Team under the auspices of Kids Alive International.  In 2020, we also made a first-time visit to another Kids Alive school in Santo Domingo (MIANCERG) and hope to be able to provide future support for the staff there. 

For more information contact Sheryl Powers or Susan Miller.

Spreading Love

Providing Books

Our 2020 DR Team


Blanket Drive and Tools for Hope Each year Tower Hill joins in a drive to provide blankets and tools to families in need throughout the world through  the organization, Church World Service.  On Mother’s Day honor a special woman in your life — a mother, sister or daughter – or on Father’s Day honor a special man in your life — a father, brother, or son — by contributing to these worthy programs.

CROP Walk is the community hunger appeal for Church World Service, working to alleviate hunger here at home and around the world.  Red Bank Crop Walk is the largest of  all volunteer hunger walks in the country. Tower Hill welcomes help and participation on Walk Day. Contact Kim Smith to get involved.


Danita’s Children is a non-profit organization whose mission includes rescuing and caring for orphaned children, and meeting their needs spiritually, physically, academically, and emotionally.  Danita’s Children has over 100 orphans, provides a school to educate over 500 children, as well as providing 18,000 meals for children each month. A church and congregation of 500 Haitians provide a place of spiritual hope and worship. Tower Hill has supported Danita’s Children over the years with financial donations, sending a missions team, and sponsoring fund-raising events.


PCUSA Mission Workers Through giving to General Assembly, Tower Hill supports five PCUSA Mission Workers throughout the globe, presently they are:

  • Ryen and Alethia White (Germany)
  • Greg and Chris C. (Middle East)
  • Cesar Carhuachin (Colombia)
  • Rev. Gary and Marlene Van Brocklin (South Asia)

Designated Giving Tower Hill supports various mission workers through direct giving to the sponsoring mission boards of:

  • Stuart and Peggy M. — literacy and teaching in Asia
  • Dinah Abbey Mensah — Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana (EPCG)
  • Liz Loffler– International Women’s Ministries Training with GEM/Entrust4 in the U.S.


  • Jim & Karan Romaine (Mission to the World) Church planting ministry to ethnically diverse communities in the metro NY area.
  • Ken and Joyce Layton (Navigators) minister to international students studying at Penn State.
  • John and Aruna Desai (International Students Inc) John and Aruna have served Princeton International Community since 1976. Their ministry focuses on friendship evangelism.