At Tower Hill it is our goal to help families win at home and in faith. Our NextGen Team strives to help families accomplish this by offering parent talks, coffee clutches, and other small groups hosted through the year. We emphasize how to parent our children through their different phases while recognizing our limited time with them. Be on the lookout for NextGen Parent opportunities for you by following us on social media.

Want To See What Your Kids Are Learning Now?

Check out Studio 252 – it shows samples of the content we use with the kids on Sunday mornings. Or better yet, download the Parent Cue App and stay up to date on what’s happening in Sunday School, get parenting tips, and receive weekly cues that are relevant to the exact age and stage of your kids’ life. The Parent Cue App aligns directly with our Orange Curriculum.

Call To Action – We Can Do More Together

We are looking for Sunday School Small Group Leaders who want to engage our next generation of kids into a growing relationship with Jesus. Small Group Leaders would begin in September and are asked to serve 2-4 times a month. By becoming a consistent leader in the life of a kid you can change the way they think about God and think about their faith. Will you join us in helping a generation see God? Imagine what can happen in the hearts of a generation if we start working together. We can do more together! Click here for more information and click here to fill out our application. Learn more from the video on this page. Or contact our NextGen Director Lindsey Larkin to be a part of it.