Giving By A Gift In Your Last Will And Testament


The reason for a Last Will and Testament is a simple yet important one: it allows us to decide and control what happens to our assets when we are no longer alive to do so. Without a Will, the state in which you reside at the time of death will divide your assets utilizing arbitrary formulas that do not necessarily reflect your wishes.

A Will, in essence, provides us with control and stewardship over that which we leave behind. In this way, we can ensure that all the blessings given to us by God over a lifetime can be conferred upon the persons and institutions of our choosing and thus reflect and advance our personal values, goals and faith.

As Christians, we can include a statement about our Christian beliefs in our Will by making bequests to our church and/or other Christian organizations. Many Christians feel their lifetime stewardship plan is not complete until they have arranged in their Wills for their continuing contribution to the Lord’s work in this world. In doing this, we acknowledge our gratitude to God for all of life’s blessings and we follow the sound principles of Christian Stewardship.

Including Tower Hill Church in your Will is as easy as inserting a few sentences naming First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank, NJ as beneficiary of a specific item (e.g.; cash, securities, real property or personal property) or of a percentage or all of the remainder of your estate. A bequest to First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank, NJ may be made to Living Our Faith or to the Endowment Fund.

We are unable to offer legal advice, but we encourage you to contact legal counsel of your choice to assist in drafting your Will or adding a codicil to your existing Will or trust instrument.

If you have questions, please contact our Finance Manager.


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