Help Tower Hill help children in the Dominican Republic!

Though Tower Hill supports many charitable organizations, The Eva Russell School in the DR is an especially important mission for us at Tower Hill. It is a faith-based organization that we’ve supported for more than 25 years. We help them financially, as well as with their specific needs. Plus, we send a mission team of our own people to work there each year.

That’s why we’d like YOU to consider sponsoring a child in the DR this year!

Financial sponsorship of a child is only $39 a month
and is 100% tax-deductible.

It is an opportunity to make a BIG difference, and because of Covid, it’s really the ONLY way we can support the kids at Eva Russell right now to help them battle through this pandemic.

Sponsoring a child financially is easy and gives Eva Russell School the reliable income needed each month to carry out its mission.

To learn more about our church’s mission in the DR, including our annual book fair, click here. To learn more about sponsorship, scroll down this page to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

How To Sponsor?

Please contact Susan Miller from our Tower Hill Mission Team at
We will organize the sponsorship for you through Kids Alive International, a Christian organization. They accept checks, credit cards or automatic deductions.

How Much Is It?

Sponsoring a boy or girl in Monte Plata is 100% tax deductible.
It costs $39/month and you can do it as an individual, a group, or share with another family.


Why Eva Russell School & Casa Monte Plata Orphanage?

Tower Hill has a long-standing relationship with this faith-based school and orphanage for more than 25 years, supporting them financially and with specific requests and yearly mission visits.

The Dominican Republic is not an easy or safe place to grow up if you are poor.  There are no social programs to lift people up, no safety nets.  All children at the Eva Russell School and its adjoining property the Casa Monte Plata Orphanage, are at risk and considered poor by our standards. Many come from unstable family situations; some are orphaned, abused, or sick.

Many of the school children come from homes with no running water. School is the only place where they get to wash their hands at a sink, drink clean water or use a toilet. Our mission team has met children in the school who have been abused or traumatized from witnessing shootings and stabbings in their homes. Thanks to your support, we provide the services of a psychologist and a social worker to help them through troubling times. During the national shutdown of schools during COVID-19, Eva Russell teachers have been busy preparing learning packets for remote learning and the staff has regularly been distributing food and supplies to the families of the school’s students.

The school day traditionally runs from 8am-4pm but many kids show up early at what they consider their safe haven. And many choose to stay later for enrichment programs. You look at the pictures our team brings back and you see these bright, smiling faces and you have no idea what fears, sadness, hurt and anger they hide.  Our prayer is that these children will grow up strong in faith and sound of body – that they will follow in the footsteps of others who have gone through the program. Young ladies like Nadelly and Isabel who now work in the sponsorship program and Cruz who is the new social worker. Young men like Reynaldo and Ernesto have come back to the school as teachers. Or Samuel, who is a respected leader in his local church.

What does sponsorship do for a child?

In the Eva Russell School and Casa Monte Plata Orphanage, children learn about the love of Jesus through daily interaction with Christian teachers. Sponsorships provide for children to attend school and/or live in the orphanage. With a sponsorship, the children receive a government-approved quality education, nutritious meals, books, medical and dental care – and, if in the orphanage, a family-style home with house parents and other siblings – people to love and fight with, just as in any normal home.

Kids Alive International, is the faith-based organization that makes this sponsorship possible. Their goal is to rescue children, teach them about the love of Jesus, change their lives and help them come to faith in Christ.

What do you get in return as a sponsor?

Information on the child’s background, regular progress reports and pictures, and 3 personal communications a year from the child. You will have a specific child to pray for and can develop as much of a personal relationship as you want through sending cards and emails. Every year, when Tower Hill’s mission team goes to the DR, they bring back pictures and news of your sponsored child.

Many of you have contributed to our Tower Hill DR Christmas Child. It’s truly a wonderful way to provide a special holiday treat for these kids. But we hope you’ll consider taking it a step further – by committing to supporting a child for a whole year!

What is Tower Hill’s relationship with the Eva Russell School?

Since 1995, Tower Hill Church has had a relationship with the Eva M. Russell School in Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. This Christian school provides biblical and secular education, meals, and health care for at-risk children.  Tower Hill Church pays for the salaries of the school psychologist and social worker there. The Casa Monte Plata orphanage, connected to the school, houses up to 40 children in homelike settings.  Many members of Tower Hill sponsor individual children through Kids Alive International – a Christian organization whose mission is to rescue and redeem orphans and at-risk children.  Sponsorships provide for children to attend school and/or live in the orphanage.

Every fall, Tower Hill runs the Dominican Republic Christmas Child – DRCC project.  We ship barrels of Christmas gifts purchased by Tower Hill members for each individual child in the school and orphanage.

Our annual adult mission trip each February focuses on holding a book fair, spending time with the children, taking the 8th graders on a field trip, and supporting the teachers. For the book fair, Tower Hill members contribute to the purchase of appropriate Spanish language books for each child and staff member, and for the school library.

Individuals who go on the mission trip pay for their own airfare and a portion of the meals, lodging, and local transportation. Since 2018 our adult Mission Team has operated as a Service Team under the auspices of Kids Alive International. Due to the pandemic, our Mission Team is not able to travel to the DR until 2022, but we continue to provide support here from New Jersey in many ways.

To learn more about our church’s ongoing work in the DR, including our annual book fair and our DR Christmas Child program, click here.

How can I get involved with Tower Hill’s DR Team?

For more information, contact Sheryl Powers or Susan Miller.

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